Purpose of the Patent System

The patent system is designed to advance the industry of a nation by protecting and encouraging inventions. To achieve this, patent rights are granted in exchange for publicizing technology. Specifically, technology is accumulated and published technology is used through the publishing of inventions, and inventors are granted exclusive rights to thereby expedite commercialization and instill the desire to invent, ultimately contributing to commercial development.

Patent Filing Inquiry and Procedure Guide
Request Application

Patent, Utility Model, Trademark, Design. Ask your pending application.

Review the application information

After reviewing the application filed by the idea embodied in the invention or the best applications designed to select the form.

Prior Art Search

By default, the prior art patent search and analysis requirements and availability is determined on the basis of the registration.

Examination and registration stage

The patent office assesses the details of an invention, searches for prior art, and performs an examination on whether to grant a patent, according to which it is decided to refuse or allow registration of a patent.


Annual fees are paid each year in order to maintain rights for a given term.

Patent Application Examination/Registration Flowchart