SUNYOUNG INT’L Patent & Law Firm Newsletter(March, 2010)

Greater use of oral hearings and self-judgments in 2010

The Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has decided to expand use of oral hearings and to promote self-judgments (judge will be able to grant immediate registration of the patent if there are no reasons for rejection or refusal without having to refer the matter back to the examiner) to expedite judgments and proceed with a trial more efficiently. Therefore, the tribunal will confirm its status as the primary resolution agency for patent disputes in a more timely and a cost-effective manner.§ionId=tmp_sec_4&type=news&currPage=1&flComment=1&flReply=0

Samsung, Sharp to End Patent Litigations over LCDs

Samsung Electronics Co. and Sharp Corp. agreed to end all patent-infringement litigation against each other and sign a cross-license deal related to liquid- crystal displays.

Number of domestic and international applications in 2009

According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)’s report, the number of domestic applications for intellectual properties decreased last year. In contrast, the number of international applications for patents and trademarks filed in Korea increased. The decrease in the number of the domestic applications is affected by policy changes of large corporations after the global economic recession. Departing from their defensive strategy of increasing application volumes, large companies are now apparently focusing more on managing the quality of their intellectual property rights and securing patent rights with a strong competitiveness. Increased number of the international application would raise a competition between Korean companies in overseas regions i.e., US, Japan, Europe and China and local companies to preoccupy new technologies and brands.§ionId=tmp_sec_4&type=news&currPage=2&flComment=1&flReply=0§ionId=b_sec_1&type=news&currPage=2&flComment=1&flReply=0

SUNYOUNG INT’L Patent & Law Firm Newsletter(March, 2010)